I have a situation with motor vehicle laws in the state of New Hampshire!!?

QUESTION: So i was pulled over friday night and told that the intersection i went to to get on the highway i ran a red light. The officer told me i was supposed to stop and wait for it to go green even tho i wasnt going straight to the lights but yeilding onto the ramp to the highway directly before the lights. i had picked up my brother who was of age and had alcohol with him. They said i cant transport it because im under 21 and they arrested me. I asked my the officers if my dad could come get my car and they said no by law it has to be towed and held for 24 hrs. My situation is that i went back to the spot where it happed and the sign said i had to make a stop (like a stop sign) and then yeild which is exactly what I did so they had no reason to pull me over in the first place. I called the towing company today thinking ok its been 24 hrs and they told me they are not open so i cant come get my car untill monday and they will be charging me $300.00 for two nights of storage.

ANSWER: Sounds like you need to go back to driving school. Or STOP driving. It's people like you who cause accidents and make the roads dangerous. As far as the tow service, you may have a case against them for over charging you but before you get all excited, you may only get charged for one night not two, don't plan on winning millions in court, it wont happen. Call the Attorney Generals office and ask for advice from them. AND LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!