Attorney in Michigan?


ANSWER: Who do you plan to sue? You can sue the person who hit you, but I'm guessing they don't have money, since most people don't (especially in Michigan, which is about to get poorer). As for suing CPS, very few people succeed at that. You would have to prove significant negligence and damages. Pretty much, the government has to give you permission to sue. If it was done accidentally, not likely to succeed. And they will argue they can't be responsible for the criminal acts of other people. Besides most people can figure out who reports them anyway. You can contact a personal injury attorney in your state. They will talk to you at no charge. Call several and if they say they dont' take that kind of case, ask them if they know someone who does. Don't delay as you have to file a claim with the government first, which has very short time periods, such as 90 days. I'm sorry you are going through this for doing the right thing.


Personal injury and Divorce MICHIGAN?

QUESTION: Yesterday at a court appearance for child support my husbands girlfriend (angry about the amount of child support) smarted oFf to me and said "I would never see any of his accident money either" This originally confused me I found out today he was in a auto injury in January of this yr I filed for divorce in February none of this was even mentioned before. I knew he kept buying new vehicles but he would put them in her name, I had no idea of an accident. My question is since we are legally married, but separated due to Domestic violence (this was a no contact order the judge made, for an assault on me) am I still entitled to any of his claim? I would really like to know any information or links that I can review and see about pursuing with an attorney, if its really an option. I did read that any money for lost wages and future wages was subject to child support is this true?

ANSWER: His personal injury judgment or settlement is not marital property, so you have no right to a portion of it.


Looking for a personal injury attorney sevierville tn?

QUESTION: I was on vaction in gatlinburg and hurt my self and went to a doctor and i need sugery. Well the dam inurance company wouldnt pay for my MRI so ihad to use my major medical I feel im getting scwered form themimso upset and in so much pain, But I live in michigan and and I understand I need to find a personal injury attorney sevierville Tn or around the area of gatlinbur

ANSWER: If I may, this is not the best way to find a lawyer, either ask in your circle of friends or use one of the major law portals out there. They have lawyers listed, with reviews and everything and they're sorted by expertise and location.


Were can i find a DUAL attorney for michigan and tennesseee?


ANSWER: You don't need an attorney who is licensed in Michigan. You need to contact an attorney in Tennessee who can handle it. Use local.yahoo.com for the city where this took place for personal injury lawyers.


Where can i find a good product liability attorney in flint michigan?


ANSWER: I suggest these personal injury attorneys: www.masseyandduffy.com.


Can i sue petsmart for personal injury grom their product?

QUESTION: Yesterday I purchased a pooper scooper from petsmart, before I could even use it I bumped my big toe into it and nearly severed it, I had to get 4 stitches and 4 painful numbing shots along with a tenus shot. It was very painful. There was no warning that the product was sharp or dangerous. I have 4 small kids who could've been injured. Now I have to put pressure on my stitched toe seeing that I have 2 year old twins that are always running around. My toe feels like its gonna burst. What are my rights if any I live in Michigan. Thanks for your replies

ANSWER: You could find an attorney to take the case I would guess Would you win, probably not. Why were you picking up poop in your bare feet anyway? Would a normal thinking person be stepping on a pooper scooper with bare feet, would a normal person be picking up poop in their bare feet? Pretty good product when it is smarter than the human using it huh? No warning on it you say? You are not smart enough to look at it when you took it out of the packaging to examine it? Why would you allow 2 year old twins around it? It should be hung up or put in a cabinet after use, not laying around where they can get even get to it. You as a parent should make sure it is stored safely away After you pay your lawyer up to 1/4 million dollars and lose, then have to pay their lawyers you should come out way ahead of the game don't you think? What is next, you get a papercut from opening your mail and you want to sue the post office because they didn't put a warning label on it saying opening this envelope could be dangerous to your health and safety of your kids.


What is the statute of limitations in Michigan for auto accident injuries?

QUESTION: In 1998 I was T - Boned by another driver in another pickup truck. He hit me at approx. 50mph in a 40mph zone, I was crossing with green light at approx. 3mph. He got a ticket for running a red light. I had small pieces of glass in my right arm, and a goose egg on my forehead. But because I had seat and shoulder belt on. My back injury did not show up for at least 6 months. I went to a chiropractor and he xrayed my spine and said it was twisted in 2 places. I have problems with nerves getting pinched causing my legs to go out from under me. What I want to know is, how many years after an accident do I have to sue for injuries. At the time, I consulted with a free consultation from a lawyer, he said it wasn't worth it because they would not be able to get at least 150,000.00. this was way before the back problem showed up. Now we have 1 - 800 - call Sam

ANSWER: You are going to have call an attorney but most personal injury statutes are 2-3 years from the time you were injured or could have reasonable known you were injured. Sounds to me like you are well beyond that limit at this time.


Being sued for a car accident 3 years ago - michigan?

QUESTION: Just need some reassurance. I rear ended a car back in May of 2011 . In the state of Michigan you have 3 years to sue somebody before the case closes. She attempted to sue in January according to my auto insurance company but her lawyer would not contact them back so they closed the case. Just before the 3 year mark I was served that my insurance company was being sued. My liability limits are 100,000 per person 300,000 per accident. She is sueing for 125,000 which means she is suing me for the extra 25,000. My insurance company sent me a letter stating I could get an attorney but so not need to because they already have one for their end. The accident was so small but being in the detroit area people these days do anything for money. The extent of damage on her car was 1 out of 5 on the police report. There literally was barely a dent. When she got out of the car, she laughed at me.. She did not state she had any injuries and there was so ambulance. 3 years later she is suing me for "permanent injuries" I know I really shouldn't be worried because the accident honestly was nothing.. But I really don't want this lady to get away with it and get money for something like this. What is the likely hood she'll get anything from this? The claim adjuster told me Michigan had a very high threshold where normally result from death, losing a body part or blind/deafness which obviously this accident didn't cause any of this.. Anyone have stories or any reassurance?

ANSWER: Personal injury lawyers typically sue for a much larger amount than they expect to actually win in hopes of forcing a settlement with the insurer. Your insurer is not going to settle the case for an amount that exceeds its own liability, and if it goes to trial, it is very unlikely that she will actually be awarded anything in excess of your coverage limits. Just follow your insurance company's instructions and cooperate with your insurer's attorneys.


I need to know a good lawyer for a personal injury case that has to do with sueing my job?


ANSWER: The problem with those 1-800-LAWYER numbers is they are not lawyers themselves they have a list of lawyers who pay to receive referrals. I looked it up at The Michigan Bar Association and they have a lawyer referral section from their website. The link is below. Some states "certify" attorneys as specialists in different fields of law. I would utilize the link below and then independently check out the lawyers names and reputations. You want a lawyer who can afford to take a case to court. Also see if the there is a State agency that serves the function of OSHA. OSHA oversees workplace safety. Good luck.


Michigan resident (no fault insurance). I was in a mva with a dui lady. How can I sue her for rental car fees?

QUESTION: The lady was drunk and taken to jail. My 8 year old child was with me in the vehicle and she turned in front of us. Neither of us were seriously injured. I do have lower back pain that I have medicine for and the Dr. said I should feel better in about 3 months. Because of no fault law and no broken bones how can I sue her for rental car reimbursement. This has cost me so far 800 in fees and my car has another three weeks until the eta for repairs are done. ($8000 worth of damages)

ANSWER: I hate to tell you this but hire an attorney. I couldn't get the insurance company who was at fault in my wreck to admit responsibility. The minute I called an attorney I had a rental car and my car was transferred to the collision center. The exact thing happened to me. Just hang in there. I hope it wasn't Geico insurance. Despite all the fees the attorney charged me they really helped get the ball rolling. Good luck!